Wednesday, March 21, 2012


If only it were so simple,
to cruise through life smelling roses;
but the obstacles blacken the countryside,
and we unwittingly crush them beneath our boots.

Dreams sustain us through the madness;
goals give a finish line to our race.
Yet they change with every turn, around every wall,
and remain elusive throughout the quest.

Mistakes are made, and regrets are our luggage;
we will drag them with us to slow us down.
The victories are flashes of light, sudden and unlasting, which allow us
to glimpse the road ahead before darkness descends.

Love is bitter, yet it is the bread that keeps us.
Over and over it fills us up, only to starve us.
The people whom we love shape our destinies and our strengths,
yet leave us cold and alone in the darkness.

There are others trying to race to the end;
occasionally, we bump into one or two.
The bonds we form help us down the path less lonely
but eventually, we lose each other in the darkness.

Alone is not a bad way to be;
it clears your head and focuses you on the journey.
Cherish the short intervals during the quest you have with others,
but be prepared to walk alone in the darkness.


I'm sorry for everything you've been through
It must've been very hard on you
I'm sorry for all that's been said and done
I was the moon, you were the sun
I'm sorry for not making everything right
But the situation I was in, was very tight
I'm sorry for not lending you a hand
If only I could be a better friend
I'm sorry if it seemed like I didn't care
Lucky for you, your special- someone was there
I'm sorry for breaking your heart
For forgiveness, where do I start?:(


Like a needle in a haystack,
true friends are hard to find.
That's why I'm so thankful that I can call you mine.
Whenever I need a shoulder you're there to catch my tears.
You've kept my many secrets,
Throughout the past four years.
You've been there through my afflictions,
You've witnessed my defeats.
I'll remember all the good times,
And pray the bad ones don't repeat.
With you my heart is honest,
but there's one thing I never told you.
Thank you for everything you've done
There's no one else like you.
No one that could ever be a
true "best" friend like you!:)

Sunday, March 18, 2012


From the sky
Hope for rain from sky 
Cross boarders in the sky
Wish for wings that we may fly
Made machines that we may fly 
To reach stars up the sky 

Intoxicated, feelling high
Meditate when we are high

From the sky 
We zoom inn cause we are high
Visit pluto in the sky maybe 
Mars or the moon or us, 

To the universe we must 
Exercise lessons of life
with the book of life 
and materials attached 
we relate to much
With jelousy and such

I know blessings to us 
Come from far, 
Come from the sky 


On the soft grass,
Hoping this will last...
Hoping you wont fade away,
Wishing for all of this to stay...
Slowly the alarm sounds,
Eyes open..
Light shines through..
Sighing softly I love you,
Knowing now this was a dream..
I long to go back to sleep..

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Why should there be studies?
Where parents say they are buddies..

They are all a mystery...

Galileo says the world is round,
But i only see the flat ground...

For Maths, I always grumble,
And mom thinks it is fun to jumble...

English is filled with nouns,
And when we do it in class,
I see only frowns...

History is full of dates,
But to me it is like boiled vegetables in plates..

Though we may feel it is a pain,
But at the end we all stand to gain... 


How amazing was our school life,
When we were neither husband or wife..
With friends, fun is all we did,
Under the benches, over the desks..
That's where we all hid
Secret crushes we all had,
That's the reason we were never sad..
We studied in a school of girls and boys,
So played in field games and not with toys..
We played in sun, we played in rain...
We played a cool game..
Our efforts were never vain,
Because we played for our schools name...
It is the world of computers today,
Its not hard to remember our school..
Because today life was then different,
Amazing, happy and cool!! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Those were the wonderful rocking days,
When we laughed at the mention of gays...

THose wer the  wonderful rocking times,
When the music was full of raping rhymes...

He's got a crush! she's got a crush!
And everyone used to go  

Then came many couples paired,
To them all only stared....

Then came our farewell,
Where we cried like hell!

We don't know whom we missed,
Our school life was,
A kiss with a bliss!!!:)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Music is the tone of ur life,
Whenever u go,it will strife..
It is in ur soul,in ur mind, 
U can never leave it behind...

Misic is not just notes and rhythms,
It always keeps ur mind in heaven..
And when u think about instruments,
The only mind-set is sentiment...

When u raise ur voice to sing,
It feels like a bee sting..
The pain is too much to bear,
For how long will you be speared?

Music is the root cause of education,
It acquires everyone's attention...
Be it good or bad,happy or sad...
you will always admire it in every clad..

Music is in dance,
Beat-to-beat in every stance...
So open ur eyes to a whole new world,
Where u will mould ur musical words!!!


Life is like a bloomed flower,
Like an Eiffel Tower..
And we have no power,
To control life!

Life is like rivers flowing,
Like the clouds showering....
Like a peacock dancing...

Life is not an exam,
To pass or fail,
LIfe is not a comprehension,
To win or loose...
But life is full of ups and downs..
And we hav no power,
To control it!!


January comes like a freezing tide,
In february, a snowman u hardly find..
March is spring,
April is Summer....
May vaccations came and go forever..

June is the month wen school reopens,
July is the month wen ur unit test happens...
In August,there is a thunderstorm lund,
In September,u find a rare raincloud...

The star of winter in October it is,
To freeze in November, the rule it is..
In December, 'Happy New Year' we say,
This is our year,happy and gay!!!


Grandma and i awoke...
Something is in the kitchen,
Or is it in the cooker?
Said Grandma stroking my palm...

Maybe it is just an insect or a bug,
Grandma gav me a reassuring hug...
Grandma,I heard a croak again,
Dear me, are u sure?
Sleep tight and dont fear..

But I couldn't and could tell,
Grandma wouldn't sleep either....
So I said,'Grandma I'll take a look,
I hope its not a clever crook...

To the kitchen i jogged,
And when i opened the cooker,
Out jumped a frog...
Running away with a croak,croak and croak!


Nobody wants to tease,
If u smile please.....

You can stay happy all day,
With the 'smile please' way...

Friends say you are pretty,
When they met u at a party...

And words rhyme,
When u are happy all the time...

Smile please! Smile please!
Nobody tries to tease,
If you smile please....!!!


This is a very special eve,
Breezes are flowing of pleasure glee...
May all ur dreams come true,
May all ur wishes come true....

Showers of happiness may fall around you,
Breeze of satisfication may flow around u....
These are sweet wishes of mine to you,
Wish u a very happy birthday....

May all ur dreams come true,
May all ur wishes come true.....

Let angles of prosperity stay with u,
Let fairies of strenght encourage you...
Let flowers of opportunities bloom around you,
Let coins of good luck shine around you....

May all ur dreams come true,
May all ur wishes come true.....

Wishes are small,giving big cheer,
This is a gift of pleasure just for you dear....
May God fullfill this wish and bring u a merry cheer,
These are my wishes for you dear!!!


The sky is too high,
The water too deep...
The sun is too far,
But seems to be near....

As clear as crystals,
The pearls in the ocean..
The trees that sway,
In the summer wind..
Thunder and lightning,
Flaishin the clouds...

The snow that is sprinkled,
In the winter..
The roses that blossom,
In the spring...

The nature is so beautiful,
That words cannot describe....
So we can only view,
The glimpses of nature....


Mountains high and valleys low,
Rivers flowing,peaks and snow..
Grassy plains, bark and lawns,
Golden sunsets and dusty dawns...

Stripes,spots and tails,
Monkey, lizards, cheethas,snails...
Fins and flippers,
gills and feet...
Jaws,sharks,dolphins,coral reefs..
Planets many,galaxies vast,
Stars and orbits,
Coming fast...

God's creation,
Pretty and serene....
Take up ur duty,
And keep it clean!!!


I see a little station,
Where there is so much fun.....

Engines are goin on,
People are ready to run...

Lot of crowd,
Noise is loud...

In comes train,
Late because of rain..

People hate,
When train is late...

I see a little station,
Where there is much fun!!! 


I hear thunder in the distance,
The sky turns darker...
A smile forms upon my lips
The rain is coming back...

I walk to my balcony door,
A cool breeze washes through...
It's refreshing and clensing
I can taste the alluring dew...

The rain spatters on my roof,
lighting flashes in the sky...
Goose bumps errupt on my skin,
And my body relaxes with a sigh...

Splashing in puddles
Making all things wet...
Catching rain on my tongue..
It's something I wont regret

I see rain on my window,
As i stroll back inside..
I wonder why many are afraid?
And avoid the rain and hide?

The rain ends quickly,
Lightning and thunder ensure..
This night would only be better,
If I could have shared it with you!!!


For this golden day,
Which I have seen with my eyes...
May this day forever stay,
And may my mind be wise....
The chirping of the birds,
In my ears are heard,
The glowing colours of their wings,
And how sweetly they sing....
Thank u..

For the river flowing by,
And the sunlight falling from the sky...
THe greenery of the nature,
The big and small creature...
The high and large attitudes,
Fills my heart with gratitude....
All these wonders are only made by,

From the begining which I knew,
Thank for all this my Lord,
About which I have no word,
And let this forever stay,
THat's my prayer on this day!!!


Ooty for beauty,
Delhi for majesty..
Bengal for writing,
Punjab for fighting...
Kashmir fo looking,
Andhra for cooking...
Haryana for wealth,
Madhya Pradesh for health...
Bihar for mines,
Himanchal for pines..
Karnataka for temples,
Rajasthan for camels...
Aasam for hills,
Ahmedabad for mills...
Ajanta for caves,
And Nicobar for slaves...
That's my India,
A magnifecient kaleidoscope in the world view!!:D


Nature is so beautiful,
And it is very dutiful...

It blesses us with fragrant flowers,
which are truely heaven showers...

It blesses us with tall trees,
For which we have to pay no fees...

Nature blesses us with fresh air,
It also nurtures us with care...

Nature gives us everything,
It gives us birds that sing..

But as man is destroying nature,
He is passing a threat to the future...

Remember, nature is man's best friend, 
Which God himself has sent....


How beautiful is the sunset,
It never lets u go upset...
The sunset takes out the red,
And pours it into the ocean bed...
Or behind th mountains in West....

Sun looks like an orange red ball,
And seems very beautiful behind the trees tall...
When the blazing sun is set,
 And the grass with dew is wet....
The little stars show their light,
Shining brightly all the night...

The little stars show their light,
Shining brightly alll the night....
The sun sets to welcome the night,
Giving us the hope, everything will be all right!!!


I have visited South East Asia,
And also Singapore Malaysia....
Security guard checked my passport,
At the Sahara International Airport..

It was like a dream,
When i was on Merlion stream...
Whenever in singapore it was night,
The city was full of light.....

I visited Malaysia's twin tower,
And had lunch under its bower....
I travelled by Asia's fastest cable car,
And went to Grentling, highest by far.....

The river that we saw extremely flowing,
And the way from the airport was mind blowing...
There all the scenery that we saw,
Now I really feel to draw!!!


God cannot be everywhere,
That is why he made mothers...
My mother is the one,
Who gave me birth...
And the one who brought me,
Up on this earth....
She is the one who brought me up,
And taught me to walk,eat and jump....

She is the one who loves me a lot,
I am always thankful for the mother i got....
She taught me to be jolly,
N try not to commit any folly...
As she is so sweet and polite,
On seeing her,i feel a delight....
I thank God for such a sweet mother,
Like her, ther is no other!!!


The woman who always loved me,
And she never took a fee....
She would clean my diapers, 
And even wash my pee....

The woman who taught me to walk,
And even taught to walk..
From letter 2 letter and from word 2 word,
And she even taught me to wear a sock...

The woman who taught me to tie a lace,
And also taught me to walk with grace....
She even gave me thumbs up,
Even though I lost a race....

The woman who showed me to find my vision,
And that too with no tension...
She would make me achieve my goal,
With full concentration...

Oh! i yet remember all those things so clear,
And now i miss her dear...
She was my companion all along,
And now i wish she was here...

The woman whom i am talkin about, 
IS truely superb no doubt....
She is my loving mother,
Whom I can never ever forget about....!!!


Exams are knocking at the door,
With the pressure of doing more and more...
There is just a week left,
And i haven't prepared anything yet...

I wont be able to sleep I bet,
My answers are wierd,
and doubts are to be cleared...
The notes have to be revised,
Fun and play have to be sacrifised....

On my table, books are piled,
Seeing them, i really go wild...
Only study and no play,
What a life, i must say!!!


Oh! What a botheration,
For teachers it makes syllabus completion,
Followed by classes,test and revision...

To students it means days of tension,
By the end of which one is in total confusion...
In History,there is Indus civilization,
In Geography, one has the natural vegation...
In geometry, one is in a mess with the constructions,
And in languages there is always a difficult comprehension...

On the final day of the examination,
There is a cramming for information...
And when it is time for result declaration,
There are pleas for markr addition....
And between students and teachers,
There might be friction...

This is followed by a much awaired vacation,
And then it is enjoyment, fun and relaxation.....!!! 


Friendship is a flower,
That God plants along life's road,,,
To warm heart it touches,
To lift the spirits load....

Our friendship will never end,
Even if this world comes to an end..
I will never let our frndship die,
In this world it will always lie....

In friendship,there's no sorry or thank you,
But to God i always thank...
Dat he gave me,
A friend like u!!!


Oh! my teacher,
U r my future,
you are my dearest,
And everyone's favourite...

I was not a good child,
But u made me the best,
I was reading a story book,
U showed me better with a text book....

I was not so intelligent,
But u made me diligent,
i was not good at reading,
But u kept on teaching me...

Wat love can I render?
To u for this favour,
All i can promise u,
Is that i will emulate u in the future....


look forward to ur class
When i come 2 school,
Ur an awesum teacher,

I think u'r very cool. 

U'r smart n fair n friendly,
U'r helping all of us,
N if i got 2 grade u,
from me u'd get an A+!

I always love ur class,
Ur teaching helps me see, 
Dat 2 hav a happy life,
Learning is the key....

You understand ur students,
Ur sensitive and smart,
U'r a skilllful teacher,
I knew it from the start...

Thank u special teacher,
For helping me to know,
The things I need 2 learn,
To live my life ang grow...

I feel good with u because,
ur teaching makes me seee,
If  I work at it, I can do it,
Thanks for showing mee!

I'm greatful for ur wisdom, 
For the teacher that u are,
U'r a very good person,
And as a teacher ur a star!!!